momo is the umbrella under which award-winning composer Toni Castells experiments fusing classical music with popular, electronic and other commercial genres of music since 2004. momo naturally combines unlikely musical elements, creating a truly unique sound and musical language, which inspired by some of the best classical and film composers, is easily accessible for an extremely wide audience.

momo's debut album 'unharmed' was released in 2007 reaching the iTunes Top 20 chart and generating a rapidly growing and heterogeneous fan base defying genres, styles and trends. momo's already established fan-base already reaches the 5 continents, selling in over 16 countries around the world.
momo is releasing 5 new albums in 2011, ranging from operatic works in “Creation”, pop songs in “Motherland”, solo piano pieces in “Piano Works” and “1.60.3600” and old unreleased material in “Ob”.
“The obvious reference to describe momo’s music is: Morricone meets Satie. Morricone comes to mind because there is a cinematic vividness to momo’s music that like his, exudes expanse and distance. It’s dramatic and seems to come from distant times and places. Satie because there is a certain painful nostalgia.”
Michael Haas, multi grammy award winning classical producer




“Massive Attack meets Mendelssohn”
Ben Roberts, London Tour Dates
totally hypnotised me.”
Kelly Difford, Whisperin & Hollerin
“Simply breathtaking.”
Toxic Pete




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Larger than life 
"Finally an album which takes chillout electronica to the next level. From dramatic filmic openings, layers of music built with opera vocals, pop tunes and poetry. 

This album could have made 
a grand Baz Luhrmann soundtrack."

(iTunes Customer)
"Fantastic, filmic, poetic, atmospheric, effecting. 

A must have for reflective moments, in need of inspiration,
impressing friends by your new find 
and chilling after a big night out. 
Buy now!" 

(iTunes Customer)
Sheer Joy... 
"From melodic lows 
to operatic highs,
this album floats through your head leaving a trail of blissfulness,
uplifting yet sobering, 
but bursting with the enviable talent that is momo.

The coolest beats delicately crafted with exquisite voices
to produce a sound that is quite simply, stunning."

(iTunes Customer)
"Never write reviews, 
only if they are rubbish 
or extremely good.
This album is not only extremely good and awesome,
but beautiful, rare, groovy and just makes you want to dream 
all day long.
I wish there was more stuff like this out there."
(iTunes Customer)
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Piano Works


“Toni Castells is a genius. 
His music is well...beautiful...”
Jonathan MacDonald, blogger
“A chilled out work of wonderment, masters of subdued majesty."
Mike Bond, UK Music Search
“Unique and stunning musical experience.”
“Music for films that have yet to be made”
Impossible to get out of your head...
"Wonderfully evocative music 
and a haunting sound world - 
the individual songs 
are scrupulously well-composed giving each number a shape 
and distinguishing it from many similar albums where the music 
often tends to wander. 

Each number lingers long after being played, 
while repeated playing
 reveals details previously missed. 
Texts remain simple yet poignant and touchingly delivered. 

It is one of the best fusions of classical singers and acoustic instruments I've heard. 
This is a very high-class ambient CD and indeed, 
takes the genre well beyond Moby."

(iTunes Customer)

Sexual Intercourse


Fake Boobs



“The wait has been more than worth it. In fact, I would happily wait several hours to see it all over again...”
Julia Stuart, The Independent
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